5 Personal Finance Hacks for Overseas Travel

Xcela Wealth

Xcela Wealth

It is no riddle to many of us that overseas travel is one of the most enriching personal goals anyone can have. There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to step your foot on another land, absorbing their way of life, and appreciating how beautiful the rest of the world is. Whether it’s in finding awe in the grand architecture of Europe or exploring the beautiful beaches of Maldives, there always seems to be something for everyone when it comes to travel.

However, there are challenges that occur in achieving this personal goal. One of the major hurdles on trying to travel overseas is financial constraints. What do you do when you live paycheck to paycheck and yet you still want to pursue your wanderlust dream?

Xcela Wealth, a company that helps clients take control of their finances, gives us advice on how we can maximize our earnings to pursue our goal of traveling overseas.

5 Personal Finance Hacks for Overseas Travel


1. Create a travel savings plan

Money is less spent when you allocate a specific place for it. If you are serious about your overseas travel goals, it will be helpful to open up a bank account where you can place your travel fund. This will lessen the chances of you taking that money away for other reasons. The problem with joining your travel fund in the same account you use for your regular expenses is that it’s very difficult to track which ones are kept and which ones are spent. If opening a bank account seems too complicated for you, perhaps creating an envelope system will help you keep track of your travel savings. Make sure to set your travel savings as specific as possible. You can set a goal of making $200-300 a month for a trip you’re planning for the next year.

2. Schedule flights and accommodations during strategic periods

A wise way to save money when it comes to booking flights and hotels is by finding specific off-season prices. In general, winter prices for western countries are cheaper than summer ones. Long holidays are peak seasons as well, so make sure you avoid them. As a rule of thumb, flights that depart on Tuesday are generally cheaper than those that depart during weekends. Hotels also go by the same rules, although some exceptions apply. You can also look into private lodging which is generally cheaper than finding accommodations in fancy hotels. These can help you save hundreds of dollars when it comes to your travel expenses. It can also leave you more budget to try other activities at your destination.

3. Adapt small saving habits

A small change that is very effective for any financial goal is by adapting thrifty habits. For example, instead of eating out, which will cost you an average of $10-20 per meal, you can save by bringing your own lunch which will probably only cost you $2-3 on average. You can bank these small savings in your travel fund, which adds more to your budget and helps you speed up to your goal. Skip the Starbucks, say ‘pass’ to that tempting iPhone X release, and avoid mindless snacking by the vending machine. These small daily changes will not only help you save money but can possibly help you improve your overall well-being.

4. Read blogs on ‘worth it’ sites to see on your destination

Don’t just rely on general information. If you have time, make sure to visit blogs of travelers who have gone to your country of choice. This information can help you gain insight into the recommended places to visit. These are first-hand experiences, so do your research on what your preferences are. If you plan to have a culinary-filled experience, find blogs that talk about the best restaurants in your destination. If you’re into nature, find a travel explorer blog to know which are the best trails to discover on your next trip. Reading reviews can also help, but be wary on some of them. After you have done your research, make an itinerary of things you should do during each day of your trip. This way, you can save time and money by having a definite plan.

5. Take advantage of travel promotions

Travel promotions are always available when you search for information online. For example, websites such as Groupon offer destination packages which are all-inclusive of flight and hotels. There are many countries to choose from such as Mexico, China, and Dubai. These travel promotions often come with tour guides to help you explore your destination better. In some instances, these travel promotions can be discounted for as big as 50-70% off, so make before booking anything by yourself, look into these options and see which one fits your budget and preference.

Keep in mind these simple tips, and you’re on you to packing your bags for a wonderful vacation. Xcela Wealthbelieves that the right skills and knowledge can help you achieve any personal financial goal you have.

Can Citrus Increase Your Productivity at Work?



With the pressures of meeting deadlines, long meetings, and even annoying co-workers, it may be difficult to keep up with the pace that’s required of us during work. Some of us won’t be having enough time to exercise, eat Instagram-worthy healthy meals or make bullet journal highlighted with different colors. However, there are definitely small changes we can add to our lives to help us become more productive.

The Magic of Citrus Fruits

According to Simfresh, a known citrus fruits supplier in Australia, there is some magic behind the citrus fruits more than we usually know. Our main impression about these bright, sweet orbs would be they’re sour, packed with Vitamin C, and good to eat when you’re sick. This, however, isn’t the only benefit of the citrus fruits. They can actually help you become more productive at work! Aside from being packed with anti-inflammatory properties that battle diseases, here are 5 other properties of citrus fruits that may help you consider bringing one at work, or preparing a freshly squeezed juice at home.

Can Citrus Increase Your Productivity at Work?


1. Citrus can help boost energy

We all know that citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. But most of us won’t know that Vitamin C is also a known energy booster. Vitamin C deficiency shows itself through fatigue. If you are experiencing any form of mental or physical fatigue, a good, natural dosage of freshly squeezed lemon juice or orange slices will help. This can help you add energy throughout your work day, and improve productivity in work. When you are less fatigued, the more you are motivated to accomplish tasks in your job.

2. Citrus can increase mental alertness

Aside from being packed with Vitamin C, citrus can also help in increasing mental alertness. How does this happen? According to Simfresh, the ‘sour’ or ‘tangy’ flavor of lemons, oranges or limes can trigger a mental reaction that keeps an individual awake. If you can notice some oral peripheral tests in hospital, one way to help the patients maintain alertness is by swabbing a piece of cotton with lime or lemon juice. Anything sour ignites sparks in our taste buds and help our minds to light up. This can also help you maintain your flow during work.

3. Citrus enhances iron absorption

Another benefit of Vitamin C is its function in mineral absorption. Vitamin C is also known to help absorb amino acids and iron. When iron and amino acids are absorbed by the body, there’s better blood flow. Blood health is also determined by the iron composition of the blood. If your blood contains the right amount of iron, it means that there’s less chance of being anemic. Anemic, or the lack of healthy red blood cells in the body can cause tiredness, lack of mental clarity, and lightheadedness. This condition can disrupt your ability to perform work tasks or even do daily activities, so decrease your chances of having anemia by taking in citrus fruits regularly.

4. Citrus helps in metabolism

If you’ve ever eaten a heavy lunch during your break, you may feel sleepy and sluggish. You may prefer just to sit down, empty your mind, and rest until all your food is digested. Aside from learning to eat portion-controlled meals throughout the day, another thing that would help is by eating citrus fruits during work. Citrus fruits can help in a person’s metabolism by increasing one’s energy levels. Once a person feels energized, he or she is more likely to do daily tasks and be involved in physical activity. This enhances a person’s metabolism which can also help lose unwanted weight and increase energy at work.

5. Citrus helps elevate mood

There is a study proven that smelling citrus fruits can also boost your mood. If you have ever smelled an orange peel or take a whiff of freshly squeezed lime juice, you will notice yourself salivate a little or even feel a spark of alertness. This can also mean that your mood levels are increased, according to a Japanese study. This can last for as long as 30 minutes, depending on the citrus fruit used. If you have a citrus-smelling essence in your office cubicle or create your own DIY potpourri, this can help you shift your mood from dragging into dominating.

Aside from its health benefits, citrus fruits can help you in your work and daily life by providing these other added power-ups. You can prepare your citrus fruits by having a fruit squeezer for lemons and limes, adding a little bit of honey or sugar and water. As for oranges and grapefruits, you can slice them into wedges, pack them in plastic containers, and they can be good for snacking during breaks. Get some dose of citrus at your workplace, and you’ll be sure to seize the day.

5 Side Hustles That Eventually Pay Off So You Can Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling the World

Chrissy Weems

Chrissy Weems

According to Tim Ferriss, the author of Four Hour Work Week, there exists a new generation of the rich. No, they do not belong in cubicles with a routine 9-5 job. They are out there, in every corner of the world, making use of their gadgets to earn money. They have coined the term ‘digital nomads’ and their stories are all but familiar–they made a risky choice to leave their boxed way of life and earned a living while traveling.

Is it possible to have that life?

While it seems to be a far-fetched dream for most of us, there seems to be a consensus among millennials that it is possible to take small steps to reach that dream. Even without earning a living by traveling, one can do side hustles that can allow for a nomadic lifestyle.

If you have a day job that’s just enough to make ends meet, online entrepreneur Chrissy Weems recommends 5 profitable side hustles that can help you reach the dream of being a traveler.

5 Side Hustles That Eventually Pay Off So You Can Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling the World


1. Freelance Work

Freelance work, by definition, is any type of job that can be done remotely and on your own schedule. Business can hire you to make products or perform a service. The most common ones are content creation such as graphics and writing. Some freelance work also involves a special skill such as transcription services, social media management, or web development. The good thing about freelance work is most jobs can be done anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection to submit your work or contact your boss. The number of businesses hiring freelancers has increased by 46% in 2013, and the numbers are expected to swell over time. Freelancing is a good opportunity to make money for traveling and even while traveling.

2. Selling products on eBay, Amazon or Facebook Marketplace

Are you a creative type who can make custom products that attract potential buyers? If you have a product idea and a crafty set of hands, you can start selling your products in these main online marketplaces. The good thing about selling on eBay, Amazon, and Facebook is the diversity and amount of users who are already looking for products to buy. Advertising is one less thing to worry about. However, it is essential to note that your products must stand out among others, because of the amount of traffic is as big as the amount of competition in the marketplace.

3. Blogging

Do you have a passion for sharing your craft through the written word? These days, more people are fascinated with the idea of starting a blog that makes a profitable income. Although a blog is fairly easy to start, what’s challenging is the time and determination it takes to make it earn some cash for you. Starting a blog and earning from it is not an overnight endeavor, but it eventually pays off if you work hard in growing it. Through a blog that receives a large amount of traffic, you can earn money through advertising, sponsored posts and sell affiliate products to earn a commission.

4. Taking a weekend or 2nd job

If your goal is having enough money to travel the world, it is possible to take a part-time job in your local area. A part-time weekend job such as tutoring, babysitting, or being a personal assistant can earn you a few hundred dollars a month to add to your travel fund. Just remember to allow time for a break, because you don’t want to burn out doing two jobs at a time. A 2nd job must be convenient to you and should not be in conflict with your present-day job. Find something that is enjoyable and easy so you won’t feel like you’re breaking your back just to buy a plane ticket.

5. Becoming an Airbnb Host

Another lucrative side hustle is becoming an Airbnb host. If you have a spare room or a separate property that you can rent out, you can apply them to the Airbnb platform. There are many people looking for an affordable place to stay as an alternative to staying in a hotel. Make sure that your property meets safety and sanitary guidelines, to earn the good reviews of your potential customers.

Chrissy Weems believes that there is no shortage of side hustles that one can do to earn money for traveling. If you have an idea for a business or a job you can do for other people, you can always pitch them to anyone who’s interested. “Don’t be afraid of failure,” Weems mentioned. “Success is sweeter when it is a fruit of hard work.”

11 Ways To Will Find A Nice Bottle Of Wine

You have many options when you are buying a bottle of wine, and have a few options that will help you pick the right bottle.  You can go with a nice varietal wine, and you will be happy with your choice.  You can try something from a premium collection, or you can take something that sparkles.  These 11 options are all here to push you to the right bottle.  Each bottle will fun to drink, and you will feel satisfied because the correctly chosen bottle of wine will always taste.

1.  Choose The Style You Like

You can go with a style you know you like in the first place.  Picking a moscato or something of the sort is better than guessing.  Sticking with your favorite style will make your life easier when you need to crack open a bottle for dinner.

2.  Sparkling Or Still

Sparkling and still wines are different, and you need to decide which one you like.  some people need still wine to get away from the carbonation, but other people will like some bubbles in their wine just for fun. If you’re not sure of the difference between the two, Ask Bongo to provide you with the difference.

3.  Do You Like Red Wine Or White Wine?

Choosing between red and white is easy when you already know what you want.  Stick with red or white as much as you can, and you will be happy every time.  There is no reason to build a large collection if you like a certain type of wine.  You will save money and room in your wine cabinet.

4.  How Do You Pick Varietals?

Picking varietals is easier when you have an idea of what the grapes taste like.  You will find yourself enjoying one kind of grape over another, and you will do well to use those grapes.  You should not try grapes that you know you do not like, and you should remember that your varietal needs change when your taste buds develop.

5.  How Many Different Kinds Do You Need?

You do not need a thousand bottles of wine if you do not need them.  You likely enjoy your one red and one white, and that is enough to keep everyone in the house happy when you are at the dinner table.  You will enjoy the wine every time because you know you like it already, and you will save money because you are not buying bottles that are not your style.

6.  How Do You Store Your Wine?

You need a wine cabinet that will house your wine correctly.  Anyone who is using something that is not very effective will have a hard time taking care of their wine, and they will notice the flavor is different.  Your perfect bottle of wine is no good if you are not storing it in the right place.

7.  How Many Bottles Do You Need?

You do not need multiple bottles of wine if you do not drink them that much.  You are better off buying one or two bottles of wine you love, and you will drink those bottles often enough to justify them.  You will spend the right amount of money on just a few bottles, and you will know they will be used soon.

8.  When Do You Drink The Wine?

You need the right glasses to rink your favorite wine, and there is a preferred glass for every type of wine.  You need the glasses that are recommended by the vintner, and you will get more flavor from the bottle because the wine is floating to the top of the glass in the right way.

9.  Should You Vary Your Bottles Of Wine?

You can vary your types of wine so you do not get bored with any of them, and you will notice that the wines are more interesting if you take a break from them.  Try a few different kinds so that you can enjoy yourself, and you will no longer worry about the style of wine because you have something new coming up every few weeks.

10. How Do You Pick Special Occasion Wines?

Special occasion wines are usually sparkling, but you can go with something limited edition so you remember that flavor when it is time to remember that party or event.  You can use these every so often, and they will keep when you are storing them in the right place. If you need suggestions for picking out a specific wine brand for a special occasion consult with Ask Bongo.

11. Should You Taste Your Own Wines?

You should check the bottle just to know that you will like it with the food you are cooking that day.  Taking a tiny swig from the glass is easy, and you will do the tasting just as you would in a winery.  You will know the flavor of the wine, and now you are prepared for your meal.  Every step makes it simple to find a bottle of wine you will love.

Travel Tips Every Vacationer Should Understand

Whether you are looking to enjoy a weekend getaway or scheduling a month-long tour, you need to understand some things that you must do before you embark on your journey to make it more satisfying. You don’t want to be caught off guard because you have not satisfied some requirements that are meant to make your journey a success. To enjoy the best travel experience, pay attention to these tips that outline how to go about your journey across the world.

Pick a path less traveled

You are more likely to find something exciting when you choose a path that not many have traveled. Choose a new destination that is not popular and get out exploring the goodness it offers to visitors. Many reviews have pointed out that when you visit a new destination that is not often highlighted by popular travel blogs, you are able to derive a new experience that is not commonly highlighted among travelers. It is a perfect way to view and experience what the world has to offer away from the norm set by leading travel magazines and blogs. With experimentation you are able to come up with beautiful ideas that might even guide your photography ideas.

Travel during off-peak

This is one of the most ideal ideas that you might want to consider. It not only allows you to avoid paying excess fees, but it is a perfect way to ensure you catch the most amazing events without the fear of suffering the inconvenience of congestion. At this time, you are able to see the most at a lower rate because there are not many people traveling. Restaurants and travel companies lower their rates to jostle for the few who choose to travel at this time, and this means you are able to enjoy more for less across all your journeys. It is a good way to explore various parts of the world to access the most amazing features conveniently.

Plan about transportation in advance

Transportation is one of the things you need to think about before you start your journey. You need to consider cases where there is possibility of the option you have picked failing, so always get an alternative as you would not want to suffer inconveniences in the event the option you have selected is not available to offer you the needed service. When it comes to transportation options, you have a wide array to choose from including cabs to buses. It all depends on the city or region you are visiting and the most convenient way to move from one place to another. If you consider a subway, in case this fails, you need to think about a quick backup that will help you proceed with the journey.

The weather

The weather might not look good when you are planning your journey or about to take off, and this is the reason you need to consider reviewing the state of the weather to ensure you only get moving when everything is clear. Every place as its own streak of unseasonal weather changes that you must be aware of while visiting so you can carry all the essentials that would help you pull through the changes whenever they occur.

Talk to a local

Locals understand their region better, so before you get going make sure to ask the most important questions so you can make the right decisions. If possible, seek recommendations from some of your friends who have been to the area to get a preview of the way you should cruise and manage your affairs for the best experience. Also read from experts like Andrew Charlton.

Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Western

Ask Bongo

Ask Bongo

You have not experienced Australia if you have not been to the western state. It is home to the famous wine district of Margaret River. You can view pre historic Aboriginal rock art, gorgeous gorges, thunderous waterfalls as well as soaring sandstone domes in the northwest. You can also soak yourself in palm-fringed hot springs or drive through the wide open outback.

The largest state in Australian offers incredible sights and adventure. It is distinctively exhilarating and away from the beaten path of the popularized world-class destination in the rest of the country such as Sydney, Uluru, and the Great Barrier Reef. Let us look at some of the exciting things you can do in Western Australia.

  1. Revel in the marine paradise at Coral Bay

You can get up close to the famous whale sharks. This is where they come to feed. If you are lucky to be there from June to October, you can watch the breathtaking humpback whales migrate. The Ningaloo Coast hosts the biggest fringing coral reefs. The coral reef is packed with a diverse marine ecosystem. It is also a popular migration route for other quintessential creatures such as dolphins and manta rays.

  1. Watch the sun go down at Cable Beach

The magic happens in the evening. This is when the sun adopts a flaming orange effect and reflects on the ocean water. The sweeping white sandy beach provides an excellent option for beach sports such as polo. You can watch the flaming cliffs of Gantheaume or just walk in the footprints of the dinosaurs. Also, you can down a refreshing pint at the Sunset bar as you watch the sun go down in the last act of the day.

  1. Ride the spectacle of the Horizontal Falls

This is where you get an aerial view of the majestic Horizontal Falls flying on a guided seaplane or helicopter tour. The high tides rise more than ten meters. The tides push large volumes of water from one bay to another. This creates the natural phenomenon that is the Horizontal Falls. If you are adventurous, you can take the falls head on in a jet boat. The falls change direction with the tides.

  1. Enjoy a dip at Elephant Rocks

How would you like to swim with elephants? Not live ones in this case but elephant rocks. The rocks are aptly named because they look like a herd of giant elephants treading water. One of the best-undiscovered gems off the beaten track. You can try your luck trying to climb to the top of the rocks. You will be rewarded with a panoramic glimpse of the Cove paradise below.

  1. Tour Rottnest Island on two wheels

You enjoy the fresh air in a safe, relaxed atmosphere free of vehicular traffic. Or, you can cycle through endless rolling plains. Besides cycling, there is no shortage of fun activities including snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. It is easily accessible from Perth by ferry. Discover the true locals, the quokka. Test your mind power against the waves around Strickland Bay on the western tip of the island. The island is also home to two lighthouses; Bathurst and Wadjemup lighthouse. Climb to the top and enjoy an inviting and magnificent view of the ocean.


Western Australia offers remarkable experiences. There are numerous world-class attraction as well as some interesting undiscovered spots for the discerning traveler. Discover top destinations and family-friendly recreational activities and events here. Some of the sights include the must-see Busselton Jetty, the limestone pillars of Nambung National Park, the soaring waves of Wave Rock and the pristine sandy beaches of Cable Beach.

Carry your mobile phone with you and Ask Bongo for directions, information and anything else you find interesting along the way. You will be pleasantly startled at how clever Bongo is. The service is an innovative mobile short message library. Ask questions and get instant answers on your cell phone. Get accurate answers to questions about people, weather, and travel schedules from anywhere around the world.


Tips to Become a Travel Finance Pro

Nationwide Debt Direct

Nationwide Debt Direct

Traveling to different places around the world, either for official duties or vacation, is something that comes with huge financial requirement. Many people are not able to complete their journeys due to budget constraints and this boils down to planning and a comprehensive understanding of travel finance. Having a small budget or wanting to save while traveling does not translate to choosing destinations that are cheap, or even reducing the span of your travel. It means planning well and executing an idea that will see you traverse the world on a small budget. Here are few travel finance tips you should consider to become a pro.

Understand things to do before long travel

It might prove daunting to prepare for long-term travel, but these few tips should make it seamless. The first thing you need to consider is applying for the right credit cards as each comes with different fees. For example, most friendly cards don’t charge foreign exchange fees and this could help you to save a lot. Most importantly, you need to understand that while traveling you should designate an official representative who should come in with help should you face challenges along the way.

This person should have in possession copies of your insurance policies and IDs, so with information they can help by depositing cheques that are mailed to you, and they can also help pay up your insurance back at home so you won’t need to spend more to get the company to update the policy.

Adopting travel-friendly banking

As mentioned earlier, mastering travel finance should avail saving ideas, so another thing you could do to save while traveling is adopting travel-friendly banking. For this you need a 4-digit ATM card, and to enhance convenience set up online banking. This means you will avoid spending more while paying for goods and services abroad, and it also comes as a convenience as you can use the banking system in whichever country you will be visiting.

Get all necessary insurance

Many unforeseen events might occur while traveling and this could lead to inconveniences along the way. Therefore, you need to buy the right insurance packages including trip cancellation, flight insurance, and baggage insurance among others. What this means is that you will be covered fully and in the event something enumerated in the cover occurs, you will not need to reach for your wallet to cover costs. Everything is catered for as you comfortably plan on your next step during the journey. You will realize that many airlines have established good relationships with insurers and getting these covers will be easy. If your trip involves expensive flights, you should make sure you buy these covers on time.

Health/medical cover

Another aspect of your finances you might also want to protect is healthcare expenses. When traveling, you are not assured that you will remain well all along, and for this reason it is advisable to sign up for health insurance. This covers personal accidents, illnesses, and injuries that occur while traveling. When covered fully, you will effortlessly access treatment yet not be required to spend from your pocket. Basically, you will have saved your journey from the embarrassment of having to fork from your pockets for treatment.

Choosing rentable onward tickets

As the experts at Nationwide Debt Direct suggest you should do, it is necessary to get renewable onward tickets to eliminate the hustle of having to apply new ones every time you want to travel. You could get such tickets from companies like Fly Onward, which offers you tickets that last the duration of the journey you will be embarking on.

How The New Economy Fosters Connections And Why Business Owners Should Care

New industries, such as technology, are changing the game for consumers and sellers alike. The economic landscape has changed drastically since the invention of the internet, and the changes foster connections. A business owner needs to know the importance of connectivity in the new economy. Companies that actively seek connection with their clients on a personal level can develop long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Cutting edge technology has fostered connections among individuals that before now never had means of communicating. Customers looking for a product or service can use online methods to research companies long before they ever set foot in a store. Consumers read reviews, learn a brands story, and read up on the brands competators before they even actively reach out to a company in order to make a purchase. This economic landscape means that it is vital for businesses to work on the relationships that they form with their customers. Instead of jumping into a sales pitch, a business should consider taking a prospective client through a series of touch points which will introduce the client to the brand. This develops a connection that customers have come to expect. When a brand does not do this, the customer might see them as suspicious, as if the brand must have something to hide. Buyers expect transparency, and need to have a great deal of information open to them.

Realizing that consumer culture has changed, and that consumers behave differently now than they did even twenty years ago, due to technology, can benefit a company in many ways. Businesses need to account for the behavioral changes in their customers by spending the time necessary to develop relationships. Give your brand a face, and make it personal. Digital ads that display images of faces do quite well in our socially tuned-in marketplace. As you introduce the faces and personalities behind your business, make sure to make them friendly and approachable. On social media, video advertisements that are simply recorded with an iPhone do very well because people feel that a friend is sharing a video, and engage quickly. The ad is approachable and does not feel business-like, which can tempt a stranger to engage and be introduced to your brand.

Connections are key for business owners as we move into the next decade. Businesses that do not embrace the connectivity that is fostered by our new economic landscape could be pushed to the side. People expect to develop a personal relationship with the brands that they buy from, and companies that do not offer this are seen as suspect. Economic expert Andrew Charlton has emphasized the importance of progression rather than stagnation, and business owners should heed his advice. Changes surrounding the way customers make buying decisions should be carefully considered. Leverage connectivity instead of resisting it, and your audience will become loyal followers.

What to do with a 24 Hour Layover in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and one of the biggest metropolises in the country. The city is known for its dynamic cultures, the awesome skyscrapers and high-tech subways. While on a visit to Seoul, you will get to interact with the pop culture practiced and you can also enjoy some time at the Buddhist temples. Most people looking to visit places don’t have ideas to explore and this is why you need to have a perfect plan before you embark on your journey to Seoul, South Korea. Below are things you can do during a 24-hour layover in Seoul.

Incheon Airport to Gyeongbokgung

Once you arrive at the Incheon Airport, you will need to use one of the available means of transport to enter into Seoul. You have a wide variety to choose from, which ranges from an express subway to bus and taxi. You can also use the commuter subway to facilitate your movement around the city. Out of these options, it is advisable to pick the commuter subway because it takes only 53 minutes to travel from Incheon Airport to Seoul, and the costs are as low as $4.


Gyeongbokgung holds one of the most storied and the longest histories of the country, with most of its history dating back as far as 1395, just three years after the inception of the Joseon Dynasty. The place was expanded gradually by Kings of the dynasty, but in 1592, it was destroyed during the Japanese invasion. The palaces and buildings destroyed would be reconstructed in 1867, after 270 years. Today, the palace buildings comprise of over 5000 rooms and occupy 410,000 square meters. To arrive at this spot, you can use a cab, which should take few minutes from the Gyeongbokgung capital. You will enjoy learning about the history of the region as well as see many historical artifacts.

Gwanghwamun Plaza

The Admiral Yi Sun-sin statue, which stands on Gwanghwamun, has been a significant attraction for many decades. It now holds museums and most of the items you will find at the venue are new and collected in the modern times. The museums offer a lot of room for the preservation of future history. To arrive at the Gwanghwamun Plaza, you should walk through the front entrance from Gyeongbokgung and you will see the big plaza, which is right in front of the entrance.

Lunch In Downtown Seoul

While you will find different types of food in Cheonggyecheon, there are joints that offer Korean options as well as foods from other cultures not practiced in the country. At Namdaemum, you will get a chance to buy awesome handcrafted purses, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and glasses. Around this street, there are booths with different items that you can sample, and most of them are good pieces of art that can serve as a reminder of the exciting journey you enjoyed while in Seoul. Although you would arrive at Namadaemun faster using a taxi ride, a walk could be ideal as you will see a lot more on your way.

The Seoul tower

The Seoul Tower, which stands at 236 meters, is ranked among the tallest buildings in the world. The only thing you will pay for once you arrive at the tower is the elevator ride, which also gives you souvenirs and food. You will enjoy the rest of the time free. You can also buy a space in the back of the tower to write your name and date as well as love notes, and this space is preserved and locked well to keep these memories alive.